Jacob Bogatin: Human health and its dependence on lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is a complex concept that includes many components. This consists of all areas of human existence – from nutrition and ending with an emotional state. This is a way of life, aimed at completely changing the old habits of eating, physical activity and rest, says Jacob Bogatin.

The urgency of a healthy lifestyle is caused by the increase and change like the loads on the human body in connection with the increase in risks of anthropogenic and ecological nature, the complication of the social structure. In the current situation, concern for the health and well-being of the individual is related to the survival and preservation of the human species, notes Jacob Bogatin.

In a few words, it is impossible to explain what a healthy way of life (HLS) is. According to the official definition, this is a way of being aimed at promoting health and preventing diseases. Supporters of a healthy lifestyle as a philosophical and sociological trend consider this concept as a global problem and an integral part of social life. There are other aspects of the idea of HLS – psychological-pedagogical, medical-biological, but there is no sharp distinction between them because they all solve one task – the health of the individual, says Jacob Bogatin.