Jacob Bogatin: Full girl became the instructor in yoga and Instagram star

Now Yasmin’s blog already has more than 65,000 subscribers, and this number is growing every day. Of course, a girl who can not be called a reed makes such complicated asanas and takes such intricate poses that many slim ladies never dreamed! She easily sits on a string, stands on her head and demonstrates the flexibility of the joints, says Jacob Bogatin. And how after this language will turn to call such a fullness of “unhealthy”?

Yasmin Stanley started yoga only 4 years ago but has already achieved surprising results. Training became her true vocation – Yasmin not only works as an instructor but also advises girls not to worry about the completeness, not to be influenced by the negative influence of mass culture, despising full people, says Jacob Bogatin.

Yasmin says that at one point she realized that she does not want and can not change her body, but she is in a position to change the attitude of society towards such people as she. “The only person who has the right to control your life is yourself,” writes Yasmin. “Do not let the negative from other people influence you, because negative energy is the culprit of all trouble,” states Jacob Bogatin.