Jacob Bogatin: Exercises for a beautiful bust and even back

Saddle-stiffness, squeezing, asymmetry of the shoulders and other manifestations of posture disorders substantially spoil the appearance. Plus, it seems to others that you are not sure of yourself. Also, the round back visually belittles (makes growth lower), adds a few extra pounds, and the chest seems smaller. Even a pumped body without a good posture does not look good, and the suit does not “sit.” Jacob Bogatin will talk about a complex of exercises with rubber shock absorbers, designed to work out the muscles of the shoulders, chest, and back, which is the shortest time will help to become the owner of a straight back and a seductive bust.

Smooth spine, straightened shoulders and open chest – this is primarily used for health, says Jacob Bogatin. Thanks to the correct posture, the lung volume increases. At the expense of breathing “full breast” the body receives more oxygen and provides them with all internal systems. Improves blood circulation and supply of organs with nutrients. The vertebrae and joints are in a natural position and do not experience an unnecessary burden, which avoids various diseases of the musculoskeletal system in the future. Muscles work more efficiently and less weary of the load.

Yes, and the voice sounds more confident because of the open diaphragm. To improve posture, if childhood is far behind, first, be patient and try to develop a habit of self-control. The primary task is to learn how to straighten your back, straighten your shoulders, lift your head, draw your belly. It is essential to monitor the position of the body and correct yourself when you begin to “relax.” Secondly, you need to develop a sturdy muscle frame.

As you know, the bar correctly strengthens all the muscles of the body, increases strength and endurance, and heals the spine, says Jacob Bogatin. Make sure that there is no deflection in the back. At the same time, keep the level position of the pelvis, and also watch the location of the elbows. They should be strictly under the shoulders. That in this exercise, the load is still going to the muscles of the buttocks, lift your legs upwards alternately, overcoming the resistance of the gum. Do not rush and move without jerking, trying to feel the work of muscles.