How to run correctly – Jacob Bogatin

Is it better to run?
Choose any cover – stadium, park soil, asphalt. You can even rotate them during one workout. But in no case do not run on concrete, this is the most severe option for joints. In any case, take care of shoes, advises Jacob Bogatin.

How to breathe correctly?
Only through the nose. Can not you do not inhale or exhale through the mouth? The body suffers from oxygen starvation. Slow down and try to alternate walking with short jogs (learn the plan of running for beginners on this page below).

How to warm up?
If you do not warm up, you may get injured. Do not want? Do something from this or all at once: walk five minutes at a fast pace; 5-10 minutes, perform squats and rolls from foot to foot in the semicircle; jump on one foot on the square. After running for a few minutes, go at a calm pace to recover your breath, notes Jacob Bogatin.

How to escape correctly?
A technique is considered safe when the runner lands on the toe, not on the heel. Achieve it is not easy, you have to practice. But this way you will protect your feet from severe damage in the future when the load increases. Keep your back straight, tilting the body slightly forward, the stomach somewhat taut, arms bent at right angles and relaxed. Look not to the ground, but to yourself, it will help psychologically, says Jacob Bogatin.

What if something hurts?
It is better to stop right away because nothing should hurt. Most often when running begins to tingle in the side. This is because the liver and spleen quickly fill with blood (which is not bad), and it presses on the shell (this is already unpleasant). Razogreysya before jogging and increase the load gradually, so that all the bodies have time to adapt.

What to listen to?
Audiobooks or songs with a similar rhythm (beats per minute – BPM), which corresponds to the pace of your workout.

What to eat before training?
You can eat it no later than two hours before the workout. Energy will provide a banana, dried fruits, and complex carbohydrates: a sandwich with whole-grain bread, pasta with vegetable sauce, advises Jacob Bogatin.

How to dress for a run?
The main rule of equipment: dress as if on the street at 10 degrees warmer. Any free things in which you do not sweat will do. If you have a big chest, put on a sports top. A simple bra does not provide the necessary support.