5 kinds of dance that will help you lose weight – Jacob Bogatin

Pole dance or pole dance (pylon, as it is also called) includes all types of load – power, aerobic and stretching, as well as elements of acrobatics. Therefore, everything starts not with the approach to the pylon, but with the basic exercises on the rug, designed to develop all muscle groups. Fans of pole dance argue that during the dance such muscles are working, the existence of which you did not even suspect in ordinary life! But they will undoubtedly begin to ache after the debut session, says Jacob Bogatin.

As a rule, girls who, without proper physical preparation, come to the first lesson of pole dance, find in themselves the desire to go in for sports and bring the muscles into tone – otherwise how to perform all these complicated but such sexual pole tricks?

Incendiary reggaeton is a dance that requires proper physical preparation, says Jacob Bogatin. He appeared in Panama and Puerto Rico, but soon became widespread first in Latin America, and then throughout the world. Unlike smooth salsa or bachata, the reggaeton is based on a hard and fast rhythm, so after a session, you can literally squeeze a T-shirt!

The primary load during the dance goes to your feet, hips, buttocks, and if you dream of a firm round butt – choose reggaeton, notes Jacob Bogatin. By the way, this dance also burns fat, because during active shaking all muscles work and your body receives high-quality cardio-load.